this is my first happy blog OMGyes

i never understood how someone could become so obsessed by something like a TV show...
that was before i started watching the Mighty Boosh.

i wouldn't say it saved my life, that would be stupid, but it certainly changed it for the better. It opened me up to so many awesome actors and other tv shows and it helped me make some awesome friends here on gsb tehe
Tbh the first time i saw it, absoloutely hated it, but there was something there that kept drawing me back to it, and i grew to like it. i think the first thing i liked were the weird stories, but then i fell in love with the characters. I couldn't believe that this actually existed! it was so funny and weird, and the only people who got it were me and my sister, and it made us infnitely closer. Not a day goes by where she doesn't shout a Bob Fossil line at me Mr. Green It gave me something to look forward to on Monday nights too

I think the Boosh is something that really grows on people after you watch it a couple of times, like when my best mate first watched it she thought it was rubbish, but now shes worse than me Don

Con yarp

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Posted on February 24th, 2009 at 02:32am


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