I Predict a Riot

gah! i can't wait for the holidays to come!! even though they only go for 2 weeks, i'm really REALLY looking forward to them, not only cause i'm going to see Arj Barker and Mark Watson at the comedy festival, but because this guy i absoloutely adore is coming into town to visit me ^^ heh, yeah he's cool like that.
yes, this boy i adore named Steve, i like him lots, but idk if he feels the same way. when we first met (at work experiece lol how lame! but working in a radio station makes it less lame i spose) he went from calling me babe to calling me mate, idk why though, i hadn't done anything, but maybe thats the problem Question oh well, we're meeting up on the holidays so things should hopefully be alright by then.
oh, this is also an opportunity to brag about being at Sound Relief!!
possibly the best night of my life...so far. the atmosphere was absoloutely amazing! even though it was pouring rain lol. Jet opened at 12 noon. there weren't many people in the audience so early on in the day, so we went up to the front row of the seated area and lost our minds tehe we didn't really pay much attention to the next few acts because we were being pushed and shoved by the incoming crowd. Kings of Leon came out on stage at around 3 or 4pm. the crowd literally went mental. especially a couple of blokes behind us. KOL and Wolfmother put on an amazing show ^^ but what made me so happy and proud to be there was not only that we as a whole had donated over $200, 000, 000 to the bushfire appeal, but that i got to see so many amazing bands that i would never have had the opportunity to see otherwise. like midnight oil, the split enz, hunters and collectors, paul kelly, crowded house,
yeah, it was an awesome night lol PLUS i got an awesome MCG poncho. yeahhh.

and i would be amazed at anyone who actually read this

eew at me with no raincoat and sleezy eyes.
Posted on March 25th, 2009 at 03:01am


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