21st Centuary Breakdown

When I first heard about the new album I was thrilled. You know, the whole new excitement to a brand new album by one of the most influential bands of your time. Until I heard that this album was going to be heavily influenced by The Beatles and instantly my stomach started to churn. As much as I like Green Day, the Beatle's seriously make me feel sick and I'm not kidding. I don't know. Never been a fan and I don't think I ever will.

As everyone talked endlessly for weeks about the new album and snippet that was released on websites I pretty much avoided decided there and then that if the album was going to be anything like the Beatle's, sorry but I wouldn't be listening or buying the brand new record. Call me a turn coat I suppose. So when the single " Know your enemy" was finally realised a friend called me up out of the blue and told me that the new single was pretty good, in disbeleif I youtubed it and sat for the short period of time and listened to the track. I have to admit I'm suprised. It didn't sound like I thought it would. It's me we're talking about so of course I had to get proven wrong yet again.

I was suprised. Seriously I was. It sounded like something from the old days back in the early or middle nineties, it sounded so raw and fully of energy compared to American Idiot. For some odd reason I am looking forward to hearing more off the new album and then I'll write another review. I mean I suppose it's not bad considering they used the Beatles as a focus.

Yours, Jake xx
Posted on April 28th, 2009 at 02:19pm


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