GSB and how it changed me.

So, a few weeks ago I thought, "hmm, maybe I should write a blog about my time on GSB". It's not for a special occasion or anything - my 3rd anniversary isn't until 4th September, to be precise. This is just for the fun of it, so here goes nothing:

My story begins in late 2005. I was a angsty, gullible, rock-loving 11 year old. It was actually my sister who discovered GSB, because she's a massive Green Day fan and while I love them, she loves them more. She just never thought about joining up.
A friend recommended it to her and we got hooked on the stories part of the site.
In about January or so I discovered the journals and started reading them. I began to remember usernames (stalker much?) and this is where people's opinions really began to influence me. I guess you could say GSB made me more open-minded, but more on that later.

After about 9 or so months of being a guest/lurker/stalker, I finally signed up on the 4th September, 2006. My first username was Get Bored [I remember somebody saying on the tagboard "Get Bored, what are you talking about? I'm already bored"].
Now I was a angsty, gullible, rock-loving 12 year old. The gullible part comes into play when I posted my second journal about Steve Irwin's death, cause he died around the time I joined. There was a joke going around, something about he should have been wearing sunscreen because it would have protected him from the rays. And I believed it. Coolio My single most embarrassing moment on here.
But hey, we've all been n00bs and we've all had our embarrassing moments. Let's move on.

It was only a few months after I joined that old GSB morphed into new GSB. I kind of went dead for a while after this. Then I came back. I miss the old GSB, but there have been entertaining moments on here too. Eg. the fakes and the swearing censor. Pretty interesting.

Now to the main point of this blog. I think the reason GSB made me the person I am today was because I was confronted with all these different opinions, different from my parents or primary school peers. I guess you could say that GSB made me more cultured.
Sometimes I wonder if my parents have ever looked at me, say when I've challenged one of their opinions and thought, "where on earth did she learn that from?"
I'll tell you now, it's all GSB.
Posted on May 3rd, 2009 at 03:13am


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