I Love You.

The common phrase "I love you" has been used for millions of years, all meaning the same thing. That feeling or emotion (whatever you find it to be) that we feel about another person. Whether it be that caring emotion that we feel for our friend, that romantic, intimate, very personal phrase used between two people in a relationship or one we use for a family member.

But what has happened this phrase? These precious words when put together make the other person know how we feel about them? Well in my personal opinion, it's being taken for granted, and I'm sure a lot of people could and will agree with me when I say this.

I'm sure there have been people where they say "I love you" within a few days or weeks and they're friends/couples for a long time, but most of the time this is for the fairy tales you read about when you're 5 years old. It is true that infatuation starts within a few days time, and can last a long time, almost as long as the relationship, but love is something earned with trust, caring, compassion, and sometimes mercy (depending on the situation at hand that I'm sure a lot of people have experienced when they shouldn't.) Eventually all of these experiences earn love.

Now obviously, this is my personal opinion on love, you are more than welcome and even encouraged to have your opinion on love. I'm sure Fionn Og will, seeing as he's the blog master. (Okay done with the jokes.)

Now, there might be people that have given up on love altogether, that it doesn't exist in the world. But let me tell you sometimes, love isn't just feelings, anything that is just based on feelings is bound to fail. Love is also compromise and the personalities that people can share. Although there are people who are not used to love and find themselves that they can't love.

But here's a challange for you, look at the elderly couples in your life that have been together for over 50 years (I'm sure you know at least one), and see if you can't find love there. True, as humans we don't always like each other, but as people and our personalities work, but once you find love, actual love, it's not easy to go away.

Note before I forget: for girls looking for true love, if it's actual love you feel, it is true. Now, we all have those relationships where we think we have found "the perfect man" and "you love them so much and will never let them go" (sounds like the Titantic) and then we break up with them and realize that you never loved at all, well there you go. But when you find true love, I congratulate and admire you.

However, love is a commitment, when you say you love somebody, they will expect things from you. It doesn't always have to be material things, but things that will exhaust you in so many ways possible, from being their shoulder to cry on, or their support in a tough decision they'll make. You will break their hearts when you take it back whether or not they believed you.

Yes, I believe I've had my own personal experiences in love even though I am young, but I'm old enough to have my opinions.

(Give your opinions on this blog, I appreciate it. But realize these are my opinions on love, and that no matter what you say they won't change. This isn't very controversial and I tried to make it so it wouldn't be. Thank you.)
Posted on May 9th, 2009 at 05:11pm


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