Can you believe it its just my luck? thoughtful reasons why school is indeed,stupid.

You have heard it many times “I hate school,” “school is boring”, “homework sucks”. But few people approach this issue intelligently. The truth is that the educational system is extremely flawed.

Everyone is good at something and school is only one of those many things. Unfortunately those who excel in school are normally considered smarter then those who have talent in lets say, art or comedy. Schools often make lists of “top students”. This is a ridicules idea because all it does it makes the students not on the list feel horrible. When students don’t do well teachers assume it is because they “don’t care” or “didn’t work hard”. Truth is some people just struggle with certain subjects. Not everyone learns the same, but in school every student is taught the same way. Many subjects consist of mostly drilling random information into the students head. Some people are better at memorizing then others, that doesn’t make them smarter. Lets say Kate learns how to read at four, and Chris learns how to read at seven. By the time they are 11 one can’t really tell the difference, but at school Kate would have to spend kindergarten and first grade learning how to do something she already knows how to do. While Chris would be considered “learning disabled”. But by the time they are in middle school it makes no difference. Im sure almost all of the, if not all of the, people reading this has been bored in class before. Is it easy to learn something when your bored? No. That is why after kids learn the basics (reading, writing, addition etc.) they shouldn’t “have” to take courses like chemistry or algebra. Lets say Kate is really interested in rock music, she is fascinated with its impact on society and the sub cultures it creates. Well instead she has to take a course on algebra two. Will she regularly have to use knowledge about rock music or algebra two in her everyday life once she gets out of school? Most likely not, so why is she required to take algebra two when she could be spending her time researching something she is interested in?

Another issue is the work load. When students complain about having so much work it isn’t fair for teachers to just tell them to “manage time properly”. Believe it or not some people don’t want to spend every waking hour of there life on something they are not interested in. This doesn’t mean the kids are lazy, they could be doing something like art or playing sports. If people don’t have time to do what makes them happy they will become depressed. School work is a lose lose situation because if you take classes that don’t give a lot of work or choose not to do homework you wont get into college and wont be able to get a high paying job, which according to most people makes you happy. But if you do spend a lot of time on school work you will be sad because you might rather be spending time with friends or something like that.

I don’t think school should be mandatory after say, 8th grade. By then you have learned the basics. Kids who don’t like school simply wont pay attention, but by law they have to attend. We are paying for these kids with our tax money. But the kids are not benefiting. Once again it doesn’t mean the kids are stupid, it means they have other interests.

Posted on May 23rd, 2009 at 10:09pm


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