Green Day and the 2009 Kerrang Awards

You can vote for Green Day at the 2009 Kerrang Awards. And I really think you should, because I'm pretty sure you're a Green Day fan. I mean, you're on this site. Reading my blog. This is a Green Day site and the blog falls into the Green Day category and the band's name is in the blog's title.

So you like Green Day. Like me. I love them. So I voted for them at the website of the 2009 Kerrang Awards. And you can too. You should.

Just click here please.

You can vote for them in the following categories:

Best Live Band

Best International Band

Best Video (Know Your Enemy, though I know it wasn't exactly amazing).

Best Single (Know Your Enemy or 21 Guns)

Best Album (21st Century Breakdown)

You should also really do something super, super cool and go to the Best International Newcomer category to vote for "Foxboro Hot Tubs". I spent about an hour voting, along with some friends and strangers who are still voting. As I write this, Foxboro Hot Tubs have 1,268 votes as Best International Newcomer.

I think we can get it up to 2,000. The Tubbies deserve it. The Reverend deserves it, y'know? Imagine a really cool acceptance speech from The Rev with lots of "sting!"s and "honeydip"s. Wouldn't that be awesome?

So gogogogogo vote for Green Day so that they can win the 2009 Kerrang Awards in all categories for which they are eligible.

Thank you! ^_^
Posted on June 10th, 2009 at 07:31pm


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