Happy Fathers Day.

Thanks so much, for walking out on my mum two months before I was born.
Thanks for leaving us with hardly anything, whilst you were living up your life with your new girlfriend.
Thanks for leaving us with nothing, so much so that we had to go and live with my grandma because we had no money.
Thanks for falling out with my mum many times after you'd split up.
Thanks for not turning up to come and see me when you were supposed to, whilst I would sit at the window waiting for you.
Thanks for not even turning up to the court date, when my mum took you to court so that you had to see me, by law.
Thanks to all that, you were banned from seeing me ever again when I was 4 years old.
Thanks for taking 7 years, to pluck up the courage to come to my house and ask to see me again.
Thanks for not actually getting to know your own daughter, after the 4 years its been since you came back.
Thanks for never actually spending one fathers day with me, since we've been back in touch.
And last of all thank you, I actually thought you'd want to spend time with your daughter on fathers day, even though you were working, I arranged to come to work with you. Thank you for texting me last minute telling me I couldn't come, but I know why that really is.
I actually felt sorry for you, since your wife, that you left my mum for, has just walked out on you, I felt sorry for you, cos I knew you were lonely.
But I know why you didn't want to spend this father's day with me, so I have one question for you:

Who's your new love interest?
Posted on June 21st, 2009 at 11:21am


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