The Time of My Life

Yesterday was a day in which my life became complete. I have been living at my Dad's house since Saturday, and it's supposed to last two weeks. Whenever my dad leaves for work around 4:30 AM, he comes in my room and kisses me goodbye. Yesterday, I got up and was home alone. I called my Grandma, like I am supposed to when my dad and stepmom are at work and I first wake up. She told me to get showered and dressed, because she was going to take me to brunch at the Wagon Wheel. It's this awesome little restaurant not to far away from her house, and... I'm getting ahead of myself. My point being, I ate brunch, talked about Green Day, went home, basted the roast, and painted a bowl of tomatoes that Kimmy's gonna frame and hang up.

Yep, all-in-all it was a normal day. But then...

Green Day. July 22, 2009. Mellon Arena.


We got there early and saw people frickin' decked out in Green Day merchandise. Old, new, home-made, store-bought, ripped, intact... you name it. There were people young and old gathering in one spot for one simple purpose:

Green Day.

First, we waited in longlonglong lines to get our tickets, not to mention that we got there early and had to wait extra long. Then we had to wait in probably the longest line in history, in which I litterally dismantled the establishment (I took apart a wall) and got yelled at by my mother for whistling. Then we got in, and we were searched. And THEN we were there. We bought food and beverage and t-shirts and a wristband. And then? We went in.

I had a sinking (or should I say rising) feeling that we'd be on the floor. I told my mom not to wear her effing high-heeled Coach shoes and this and that and blah just to embarass me, because I don't really care. It's embarrassing enough that I know her.

I was right. If there were any moshing, we'd be right in the center of it all.

I spent a lot of time trying to get away from my mother. It kinda worked.

First there was the opening band. The Bravery. They weren't really that good live, but they did have some good songs. Hatefuck, for one. (not sure if that's one word or two)

Then we waited another half-hour for Green Day.

And finally, a drunken (and still drinking) pink bunny comes out and tries to do the YMCA. My mom got pictures.

And then...? Green Day.

I could practically feel the music. I was completely enthralled.

Everyone was screaming and cheering. There was a little fight that broke out between some old fat guy and some teenage girl and Billie stops right in the middle of the song and says, "HO, HO, HO! No! Stop! We do not do that! No, we do not do that. Fighting little girls is not a sport. I know, I know, I get it. Now, where were we? Second verse? *quickly running through the song like, nenenenene* Ok." And delved right back into She.

And then, "We're gonna do something a little different now. We're gonna do a Jonas Brother's song. *everyone's booing* Come on, they're just kids! What are ya gonna do, beat 'em up?" And then he got a girl from the crowd to play Jesus of Suburbia on his guitar.

He had everyone participate, brought people up on stage for a "boys vs. girls" battle royale during Longview, and just all-around rocked. He said that Pittsburgh is "the fucking definition of rock and roll."

I was so close, I could probably count the hairs on his head if I were two feet closer. I got squirted with the Super-Soaker early on in the show and caught a shitload of confetti from the confetti blaster during Minority.

And did I mention that Billie mooned the crowd? That's right, folks. He turned around, pulled down his pants, and showed us all his infamous ass.

And, of course, when he said, "One more song," that's Billie-Joe-Armstrong-ese for "Six more songs." One of which was Jesus of Suburbia, which is a LONG song.

They did some of their older stuff, like At the Library, and everyone just ahd a real good time. Then they closed with "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)".

If it's possible for ears to orgasm, then mine definitely did. But one thing's for sure: I had the time of my life.
Posted on July 23rd, 2009 at 02:15pm


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