Guide to becoming a slacker.

Hello Kim here, informing you on how to become like me, a Slacker. Ever been doing homework one day and Felt the strong urge to stop yet, years of following rules makes it impossible? Fear not! for This quick 5 step system can undo even 12 years of schooling.

Step one: Lets star with the pesky homework. Look at it, Can you do it in ten minutes or less? No? Chuck that bitch! But it back in the binder/folder from which you took it out of, Now if your worried about getting a 0 the day you turn it in once again I have a simple Exercise for that. when your getting into class, take some one else's. and remember, any grade is better than 0.

Step two: Cheating, Basically don't get caught. Keep your eyes open and make sure no one sees you, school is full of rats. they will tell on you in a second. Just because it's fun for them. Find some one smart, Don't make it obvious, and only copy 3/4Th's of the answers. otherwise your setting your self up. and if your lucky your grade should rise. if not find a new person to cheat off of.

Step three: School stuff is getting boring I know, so now lets try some fun slacking at home! Got chores? Half ass them as good as you can that way you save valued slacking time. Find a computer site/game to waste time on. it always kills hours you could have used to clean your room and be out side with your friends. But that could burn calories. Not good at all mind you.

Step four: Eating. No one cooking your meals? I know it's too hard to get up and make ramen. hell some times Easy Mac is not so easy my friends. when in this bind, look around. spaghettios are great cold, don't waste any time Nuking them. Chips, Ice cream, Candy, all is fast and simple no heat required.

Step five Now that we've come to the end of the road, it's time for the most important tip to slacking. Clothes! If your looking put together and your clothing is wrinkle free no one will take you as a slacker. Jeans can be worn for days and if your shirt is stain free Body Spray will keep it smelling good for days to come. On the rare occasion that you need to do laundry, get as much into the washer that you can. Less work the better. And don't worry about folding your cloths their gonna be just fine left in that pile, it's also less work.

Well thank you for taking my quick lesson in Slacking. I hope you found it useful and If your mom kicks you ass don not Blame Kim Smile
Posted on August 22nd, 2009 at 01:22am


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