I hate knowing my enemy.

Well, today, in math class, this ghetto girl stole my seat and I told on her
[I normally wouldn't have done that, but i can't see shyte! I broke my glasses]
and she was like, blowing steam or something!!
Since I am the outcast of my school, OF COURSE she was trash talking about le'muahhh.
I was then forced to sit next to her. ):
She is now my enemy. Then, in Language Arts, guess who is in my class? Yeah Well, she was starting to get to me because on the first day, I knew she was new and I was trying to be nice to her. And she was being a biatch!
Now she's spreading rumors [Yeah REAL mature].
She almost made me cry by the end of the day. All. Because. Of. A. SEAT.!!
Now everyone thinks I'm even weirder. And she's like soooooo annoying!
Worst part of all this, She disses Green Day [on purpose] in front of me, just to get me pissed because when i tried being nice, she asked me about the pic of Beej on my binder.
I loaded her w/ everything i know about them.
Now, when she pisses me off by dissing them, i scream at her, and blames that it was all me, and that i started it.
*edit* Then today , I asked "Why are you mean to me?"....
She just laughed. I tried to ignore her but
she threw a spit ball and it got stuck in my Liberty Spikes.
I thought I'd get rid of her after all my classes but she's on my bus and
put some gum down my shirt!

Now, she got my friends to go against me!
My best friend is freaking ignoring me because of some crap that girl must've told her.
I dropped my essay [which I've mentioned to some people here]
in the hallways and she found it. She.ripped. it.

Yeah, I gotsa big fat zero.

How do you guys deal with annoying enemies?
Posted on September 10th, 2009 at 08:12pm


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