Gangs: War On The Streets: Stop The Crime!!

Well let me start by sharing personal experience:
I live in the valley of California, peaceful you would think?
Not really, the majority of the people that I go to school, forced to associate, or family with
are either Norteños or Sureños

Norteños: Spanish for Northerners (Nuestra Familia) are a large organization of largely Mexican-American street gangs in the United States. They go for the color Red.
(psst..for more info on norteños go here:

Sureños: (Spanish for Southerners) are a group of Mexican American street gangs with origins in the oldest barrios of Southern California. They go for the color Blue.
(psst.. for more info on sureños go here:

Okay, I live in a neighborhood where you would consistently hear gunshots. It's always hard to go outside and just hang out without being in danger of being in the middle of gang activity. Fortunetly, I am not gang affiliated, but unfortunetly, the majority of my family is... =( Due to the fact that I am even related to gang members, it has put me in danger several times. I have been jumped twice, and a victim during a drive-by (luckily I was never shot or seriously hurt)
My poor mom is so scared that she has said that I can't wear Red or Blue ( so much for red converse like Tre Cool *sigh* ) Which to my understanding is that it is for my own protection. But Why Me? Why, I'm just your average punky teen, but because of the reputation of my family, I'm even "tainted" and labled, people always talk about me like if I'm not even there saying things like "Oh I know her.. She lives on the East Side and her brother is so and so, and her cousin was the one who got shot" Why?! Why can't they say things like, " Oh I know her, she loves Tre Cool" Why is it so easy for people to assume that I'm gang affiliated?! I'm not the only one who suffers like this, some other people my age feel the same way. And It is unfair that we ALL have to be in the middle of this war that is happening in our very own towns, streets, and homes.

As this gang violence escalates, the hurt that it causes does to. Just recently, one of my good friends was gunned down during a drive-by. She was my age... 16.
It's scary how this is slowly taking over my "was once" beautiful little hometown and other parts of California. I believe that gangs are the most stupidest things in the world. I wish I could put a stop to it...
But I know I cannot do it alone...
So please, help stop gang violence by setting up organizations
at your school...or even joining your local YMCA to help younger kids stay off
the streets.

Posted on October 13th, 2009 at 01:28am


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