my Green Day day

I was in the first line. The stage was so close to me I could almost touch it. The people behind me were pushing and I was pressed against the barrier. My girlfriend's arm had somehow found its way around my waist and I was finally going to see Green Day, after years of loving them and months of waiting for the concert to come. Even then, it didn't feel real. It was a moment of pure bliss.
The lights suddenly went out and Prima Donna started playing. I had never heard of them, but they were pretty cool live. The singer and guitarist was hot too, which wasn't bad. He kept coming right in front of us to play and blow us kisses because we were practically the only people who cheered at him; he even gave us the setlist after they stopped playing.
They went away after playing for a little more than a hour, but to me it felt like mere minutes. A few minutes later (or maybe hours, who knows) the Drunk Bunny got on stage and everybody started laughing at him and dancing YMCA. After that, a guy from the staff called Tyler came looking for me and the people I was with; we had made friends with him during the two days we had waited in front of the venue, so he promised to try and get us something from Green Day, like a setlist.
We thanked him, and after a few more minutes, all the lights went out and everybody started chanting "Green Day! Green Day! Green Day!". Song Of The Century started playing, then the lights went on and they ran on stage. The first one I saw was Tré, then Jason White, then all the others. Billie Joe was right in front of me and I had a moment of real shock when I realized it was really happening. I think my exact thought was "oh my God, they're real", then I started crying, literally crying like a little girl while singing along to "21st Century Breakdown".
They went on with a few songs from the new album, like "Know Your Enemy" and "The Static Age", and all the time I was still crying. At some point, a bodyguard who was next to me looked at me and asked if I was alright; I gave him the thumbs up to say that I was fine, but to make me stop crying he looked around, picked up a pick from the stage and gave it to me. Then, when I was still crying and singing along, Billie Joe looked at me with a smile and didn't look away until I managed to smile back at him, and I think this is something I won't forget that easily.
The concert was full of great moments, like the water guns or the part in "King For A Day" where Billie made us sing happy birthday to Jason White and then smashed the cake on his face; a lot of people got pulled on stage too. The concert lasted more than three hours; they only played five songs off 21st Century Breakdown, and focused on older songs like "Going To Pasalacqua", "Coming Clean" (I wasn't expecting them to play that one) and "Knowledge". During "King For A Day" Billie Joe lied down on the stage and started singing bits of random songs like "Hey Jude".
The last two songs they played were "Last Night On Earth" and "Good Riddance", both acoustic; then it was all over.
We stayed where we were waiting for Tyler, the guy from the staff, who gave us Tré's autographed drumsticks and some more picks; we thanked him, and he said we deserved it for waiting in the line for so long.
I wish I could say more about it but I can't even find the words to describe how amazing it was. It was definitely the best night of my life and I'm so happy that I got the chance to make my dream to see them come true.
Posted on November 12th, 2009 at 04:32pm


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