Top 5 Nickelodeon Shows

Top 5 Nickelodeon Shows by Dale Doback

5. The Brothers Garcia (2000-2004)
The Brothers Garcia, although a creditable show, may not be known by many Nick viewers. The show did not have a long lasting run and didn’t receive amazing reception either. The show follows 4 siblings Larry, Lorena, Ray and George aged 9-13 as they tackle everyday sibling rivalry. The show hosts strongly on honour of heritage as the families choice in foods, everyday simple language and outings are centred around their Latin heritage. The show strongly emphasise on family unity with adoring parents and fun loving personalities shining strongly through each of the siblings. Not one of my personal favourites plot wise, but it does explain an admirable significance - blood is thicker than water.

4. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Journal (2003-2007)
Ned’s Declassified School Survival Journal is a must see show for all school going teens. Ned Bigby, with the help of his friends Jennifer Mosley and Simon “Cookie” Nelson-Cook, decide to start a school survival journal to help them get through their middle school experience. On screen clippings of the journal occasionally pop up in coloured graffiti scrawl, highlighting tips on how to avoid bullies, how to get the girl you like and how to avoid hall monitors. . The three students deal with every day troubles such as love, bullies, parents, horrible teachers and detention!

3. Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996-2000)
Sabrina Spellman, a high school going teen experiences all the usual experiences of teenage life. A bully of a headmaster, cheerleaders, being called a geek, chemistry and a boyfriend. The only difference being, Sabrina is a half witch! Sabrina lives in an old gothic house with her two Aunts Hilda and Zelda Spellman and a black cat, Salem (who used to be human until he tried to take over the world and the witches counsel condemned him to his feline state for 100 years). Sabrina has a magical spell book she studies from, a warlock for a father, an explorer mother and an unusual towel closet which transports people to ‘The other Realm’. Growing up, Sabrina was a much loved character of mine, that was until the College series was aired and things took a confusing twist with far to much teenage romance shrouding what should be a mature environment.

2. Are You Afraid Of the Dark? (1991-2000)
If tales of headless horsemen, possessed dolls and strange bumps in the attic intrigue you, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Is the Nick sitcom for you. The series revolves around a group of teens who refer to themselves as “The Midnight Society”. Every week they meet in a secret location around the campfire in a strange woods, and take turns telling ghost stories. The stories always began with the same sentence… “Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story…” and then they would throw a handful of potassium nitrate into the fire for effect. The story itself was always shown, rather then the story telling. At the end of the tale, one member of the society would throw a red bucket of water over the fire and say “I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed.”. The show received great reception and made for great sleepover tales. It is a definite 5/5 and a very admirable Nick show.

1. Kenan and Kel (1996-2000)
Who loves orange soda? I do. Ever since watching Kenan and Kel as a child, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of slugging from a bottle of fizzy orange drink. The show is among the most well known in all Nick’s history, centering around the antics of two best friends Kenan Rockmore and Kel Kimbel. Getting up to all sorts of mischief, including turning the grocery store where Kenan works into a nightclub, getting Kel’s head stuck in a fence, getting trapped on the side of a sky scraper in a window washer scaffle and winning the lotto, the lads never seem deterred from adventure, as the show ends with Kenan demanding Kel following him to a strange location with a variety of strange equipment. The show always ended with Kenan demanding items and insulting Kel and Kel leaving the stage with his infamous line “Awwwww, here it goes!”. The show with no doubt in mind, peaks the rating scales with a definite 5/5.

The Brothers Garcia ~ Ned's Declassified School Survival Journal ~ Sabrina The Teenage Witch ~ Are You Afraid Of The Dark? ~ Kenan and Kel

-by Dale Doback
Posted on November 22nd, 2009 at 02:13pm


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