No offense, but I kinda like you.

[[ Epic spazz ramble since I don't know where to do it. ]]

I don't know if you read my blahs, but I assume you don't since they don't get any comments [/bitter]
But my life took a turn a few weeks ago.
If you noticed, I was a lot more depressed than usual. Angry and Bitter and Sad all the time. Cried a lot.
My life was so stressful. I only had two friends, not counting online. And even online, people talked to me less and less.
And then I started talking to him a lot.

The 'he' is really a 'she', but since she plays a boy, I go along with it.
19 year old english kid.
We started talking on Twitter.
Gradually, we talked more and more, until it was every morning when I got up, to every evening when he would go to sleep on me and ON me at his 6 in the morning.
I really enjoyed his company, and gradually we started talking about ourselves, and not our characters.
Around now, I realized I was starting to get a crush on him. People around me seemed to notice I was changing, too. Here is where I started being happier. Less dark make-up and clothes, more greens and blues. I was smiling more, and texting all day long.
I thought it was time I let him know how much I trusted him. I gave him my phone number. We texted there, too. [before it was DM'ing on Twitter from our phones] I found out recently that he spends around $50 every other week on texts because of me. Blush
I asked him why it was he stayed up so late.
"*looks awkward* To talk to you, mainly."

But the main reason I am making this blog, is because of our conversation tonight. It made my heart speed up, in a good way.
"I look up to you to be honest... I have no idea if it makes sense that I care about you so much, or if it's wanted, but I do!...I love you too Yami. *Hugs tight* Will you let me admit something that embarasses me too and promise me that it won't change anything? I know I'm being an awful sap today but I couldn't stand to lose you."

I had a nightmare the other day. What was it? He had a GSB and could see everything I said about him.
Frankly I'm still paranoid that he does. But if he doesn't know, he'd better learn some time, eh?

I have such a crush on him.

**Thank You for Reading**
Posted on December 3rd, 2009 at 10:45pm


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