I Finally Feel Exepted- Online

I Finally Feel Accepted - Online

I signed up today for GSB.Twenty minutes into it I felt accepted for the "Sofi" In me. At school I have a friend who can't accept the fact that I'm getting a green streak in my hair. She can't accept that I am getting a second ear piercing- remind me what's wrong with that, how am I showing my panties? Why is that "revealing" to her?? I'm not goth, not emo, I'm pure punk sofi- AND NO IT SHOULDN'T BE SOPHIA OR SOPHIE OR WHATEVER!!! I'm Sofi- with an f. That's who I am. I'm never FLIPPIN' changing. I've been bullied for 2 years and counting. The only people left who my mom didn't contact the parents of, is both Jacobs. The FAT one, and the HOT one... Not to mention how wildly in love I am with the hot one... Wow, off topic, well I have to keep moving my computer so no one sees what I'm writing... Anyways in the world of sofi everything sucks. I won't bore you, so bye.

Spell & Grammer check by think rich look poor
Posted on December 6th, 2009 at 09:02pm


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