10 Steps To Take Over The World

This is something me and my friends came up with in a very productive history lesson.
LOVE YOU MR FU. He is cool enough to like green day Very Happy

#1. Create a facebook group. (seems to work for most things RATM for example)
#2. Print Anarchy T-Shirts (because everyone loves a t-shirt yes?)
#3. Get some monies. (doesnt really matter how you do this because once you have taken over the world there will be noone to prosecute you.)
#3. Cause some ULTIMATE CHAOS. (By this i mean burning some stuff Very Happy be creative though.)
#4. Blame world leaders for EVERYTHING. This will work very well as most of the time they are to blame Very Happy
#5. Call protests/ marches on every major city in the world ( this is also a good indicator of how well your plan is going - noone turns up, then sorry you fail.)
#6. (If #5 worked) Use the money and people power (POWER TO THE PEOPLE) to take controll of the world. ( you don't have to use violence but it is my prefered method)
#7. Take Power (hopefully)
#8. Eliminate ALL political opposition. (again doesnt have to be death, could be brainwashing or locking up in a prison)
#9. (This is where it get's sticky) Fight off people who think you are unsuitible (usually they are your ex friends) SAD FACE
#10. (If you acheived #9) Enjoy a life of world domination. Being constantly paranoid and probably ending in a mental breakdown Very Happy
It isnt all it's cracked up to be.
Is it?
Posted on December 20th, 2009 at 05:48pm


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