I love her

It's Christmas time Very Happy
I can't stop thinking about her.
I think I love her
yeah. I do
I told her this.
I love the way she looks but so much more than just that.
I love how nice she is and how I can actually talk to her.
I love how much she loves Green Day. Possibly more than me.
I love how much of a perfectionist she is, she has to do so many draphts for each essay I have seen her do.
I love to see her jotting down ideas for thinks, she looks so intelligent and frustrated at the same time.
I love the way that when we talk, sometimes really late, nothing else seems to matter.
There is one thing I hate though.
The way she rejected me
it wasn't a yes or no answer.
She is too kind.
I didnt say I loved her though. I don't want to ruin our current relationship of friendship.
I can't help thinking how much I love her everytime I speak to her.
You won't read this but if you do.
I love you
Posted on December 25th, 2009 at 10:35am


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