Twenty oh, nine?

What a year.

Things to note? [least to most]
- I became a sophomore
- I drove a car for the first time
- I had a self-portrait featured in the school's gallery. Still there.
- I free fell for 80 feet and soared through the air at 100 mph
- I snuck out for the first time, froze, and then came back 15 minutes later
- I became obsessed with YuGiOh
- I became the only Varsity Lincoln Douglas [one on one] Debater at my school.
- I lost 90% of my friends, who turned out to be talking about me behind my back.
- I had my first relationship with someone I won't forget
- I made 4 new school friends, who are true friends, no matter what.
- I joined Twitter and made several friends who are always there for me
- I stopped caring and let timid Mindy merge with bold Bakura to become who I am now
- I fell hard for a straight girl

2009 was weird.
2010 I can tell is a year I'm going to mature a lot more. I'll get my license next week, for example.
I may meet people and do a stupid gesture that may cost me a friendship. I may lose more of my friends to school transfers. I may fail a class. I may pass with honors.
Who knows?

All I do know, is that it's off to a shitty start, but I'm optimistic.
Posted on January 1st, 2010 at 07:34pm


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