Tale Of Destruction

This is my tale of destruction
I haven't been too amazing this week.
we've had to go back to school.
I've also seen the return of my Insomnia.
It's horrible.
Last time it happened I didn't sleep for a week.
There's a few reasons that I haven't been sleeping. For one I hate change, my mum says that when anything changes she wants to move out because I go all "aspergers" on her
I've had to seriously consider quitting my job to find a new one, change.
Then there's my coursework
I've got music coursework in for Friday. Very close and I'm really stressed out.
Then, this is possibly the smallest but it kills me the most.
I want to realise that I can't have her but I just can't. I love her and she keeps on speaking to me which just makesme want her more.
I can't speak to you though, msn and phone, fine but I can't talk to girls I like any more than 3 words strung together.
so I only had 2 hours sleep last night, she then said I looked tired and all I said was "insomnia" to which you called me retarded jokingly.
Posted on January 11th, 2010 at 01:30pm


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