So Many Choices

So I've been thinking a lot recently about life and especially my school life. College, the big fancy place where I have to get a better edu-ma-cation.

All joking aside, I have four colleges picked out for myself, and I need as many opinions and matters on each one because I can hardly seem to get my head straight, I won't give you the names (because you might have prejudiced choses, it's a just in case thing)

Choice #1-
A good college which is only two hours away from home if I'm going slow. They major in what I want to study, which is foreign languages and education. And better yet, the tuitition is pretty cheap for college. The problem is that it's a big college, I'm not a fan about big colleges such as this one. Another problem would be is that I would almost get in too easily, anybody that applies to the college can get in, which isn't a good thing for a college to do. I studied for hours to go to a college where I have to work and get my degree because I deserve it.

Choice #2-
An excellent college, one of the top 20 colleges in the country, which always looks good. The #1 study is languages, which is what I want to get into, they have 16 to choose from. The variety of choices are broader than choice #1 in case I wanted to change my major and minor or what I want to do with my life and still look good doing whatever I want to do. The tuition is about the same as #1 which is a good thing, but it's the same thing with big colleges. I guess all colleges could be considered big but with the harder classes, it might be a challenging experience. Another thing is that it's a 4 hour drive from home, which can be strenuous, especially in winter, and the gas would be expensive.

Choice #3-
An expensive college, but also a very close college. Only 30 minutes away with a car if I'm going the speed limit. This could promise a cheaper room and board and more time with the family and friends. Not an impressive college and not really a first choice for me, but the driving time is reasonable and it's a logical choice.

Choice #4-
The average college, good tuition costs, good population and good teachers. The driving time would be about 3 hours away. I could keep up with my languages like I want to and I know lots of close friends that go there. The work doesn't seem too hard or too easy, and the town is reasonable, this college also offers studying abroad to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which is what I wanted. Everything about this college seems ideal except for the driving time. The tuition is about average, not as expensive as #3 or as expensive or #1.

Help? Give me what you would want, thank you, I appreciate your help.
Posted on January 13th, 2010 at 07:30pm


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