someone stiched my mouth shut

wow. ((sighs)) i have certainly done a lot of growing up over the last year.

there was a time (now it seems like a past life) when i used to listen to green day. especially Kerplunk and Insomniac. then when i hit a certain age, i didnt listen to green day too much anymore. it was much less a complete change of rock and roll taste. i started to feel that the songs i used to jam to all the time were being beat across my head until they sounded dull.... like ramones blitzcraig bop. it was sad, how my tastes died like that. dont get me wrong, songs like basket case, and brain stew will always be concidered to be an influence to me but i felt the need to feed on more complicated material. case and point. the smashing pumpkins. then nine inch nails.... which later broke me away into a complete industrial techno fit.... then a long span of local music, and eventully my own creations. so, i am hearby saying that i am not an ULTAMATE GREENDAY FAN anymore. nonetheless i still really appreciate the band, and over the last year, ive been able to resurface some intrest in the band. last time i was paying a bit of attention The Network had just come out. X Ray Hamburger for life! haha. but obviously ive heard american idiot front to back a billion times (who hasnt by this point) and someone passed me along a copy of the new one. two thumbs up for having it produced by butch vig. one thumb down for having what i thought was a lousy first single when there are so many better tracks on the album. again... blitzcraig bop. either way... i thought they did a nice job on that one.... getting off topic... im curious if someone could give me a good synopsis of that hottub thing they did... i forget what they call it.

over the last year, you see. i lost the girl.... that first real girl. the one that makes you real. i filled the void with triple c's. and then a lot of broken relationships. and a lot of powerful drugs. but through all of this, i somehow found myself less miserable, and i stopped halucinating every weekend. now im better. and i found that second girl. the one that makes you real again. only time will tell. but now i have dealt. so i know the only way out is through. i feel that i have lost in the end... i have no passion left. i cant write a song to save my life. hence. someone stiched my mouth shut. thank god they didnt sew my fingers together either. my guitar and bass skill levels have improved dramatically. i can write beautiful riffs. i just seem to have a lot of trouble putting those riffs together. its like playing tetris with the lights off. but, still.... somewhere inside of me. i know my soul still exists. i catch a glimpse of it every now and then.... sometimes i catch myself watching the sunrise. its a habit of meditation. this place.... earth... its just fuckin great! well... i hate to tell you.... but.... the people here suck!


hello and goodbye. neither is right.
Posted on March 31st, 2010 at 10:15pm


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