The next thing I have to preserve -- Best. Conversation. Ever.

Yeah. This is what happens when my love and I talk about babies.
Him: Do you think newborn babies are cute?
Me: They're wrinkly.
Him: They look like Aliens.
Me: ...
Him: I swear to God, when our son is born, I'm not going to say "Oh, how cute!"
Me: ...Okay then?
Him: I'm going to say, "SEND THAT THING BACK TO MARS."
Me: ...No you're not. :I
Him: Oh, you know I'm joking... Mostly.
Me: But what about our daughter?
Him: Well, she takes after you so she'll probably be, like, the sexiest baby ever.
Me: ...No.
Him: What?
Me: You're not allowed to think that way about babies. :I
Him: Are they gonna fight? You know, I hope they don't fight... Can I have a whip?
Me: No.
Posted on August 18th, 2010 at 09:16pm


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