American Idiot. Act 1, Scene 6

She’s a Rebel

(Curtain opens and only half the stage is lit with the office in it. Jos enters open door, then closes and locks it after him. Alarmed Ge gets up.)
Ge: What’s wrong? How did it go?
Jos: Amazing!
(Ge and Jos freeze and the other side of the stage lights up, showing the apartment with C, J, and W in it)
W: Truly amazing!
C and Ge: (To their own group) what happened?
Jos and W: I’m in love!
(Jos is talking about J, and W is talking about Jos.)
W: He's a rebel
Jos: She's a saint, she’s salt of the earth
W: And he's dangerous. He's a rebel
Jos: Vigilante!
Both: Missing link on the brink of destruction
Jos: From Chicago
W: To Toronto
Jos: with the one that they call old Whatsername
(Ge is taken aback)
W: he's the symbol of resistance
Jos: And she's holding on my heart like a hand grenade
W: Is he dreaming what I'm thinking?
Jos: Is she the mother of all bombs gonna detonate?
W: Is he trouble
Jos: Like I'm trouble
W: Make it a double, Twist of fate or a melody that,
Both: (S)he sings the revolution, The dawning of our lives
Jos: She brings the liberation that I just can’t define, well nothing comes to mind!C and Ge: With who?
W: Jos!
Jos: Jay!
(Da Da dahhhhhh!)
Ge and C: You have to be careful with them
Ge: one slip and you could expose that you’re with us.
C: one slip and Jimmy could die
Jos and W: I know.
W: Well I’m gonna go home. Goodnight Christy, night Jay.
(W exits and lights on the apartment go out.)
Ge: Well you’ve had a exciting day, go get some sleep kid.
Jos: Yes sir.
(Jos exits but the lights stay on. Scene)
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