American Idiot. Act 1, Scene 9

Dry Ice
(Curtain opens on the corner again; D1-10, G, W, and SJ are huddled SR. Jos and Care standing SL watching them.)
Jos: You ok Christian? You look anxious
C: Actually I’m great. (Pause) can you keep a secret?
Jos: Of course
(The 2 move downstage)
C: Late last night I had a dream and she was in it again. She and I were in the sky, flying hand in hand. I woke up in a cold sweat wishing she was by my side. Praying that she'll dry the tears left on my face I’ve cried. Oh I love her, keep dreaming of her, will I understand if she wants to be my friend?
Jos: Who?
(Nervous that C likes J)
C: Gloria, who did you think?
Jos: I don’t know, that one girl Jay I guess. Gloria’s cool though, does she know you like her?
C: Not yet, I’m too afraid too… (Stops) Wait. Who did you say you like?
Jos: Huh? Oh (Embarrassed) Jay. You know, the redhead that’s friends with Whatsername.
(Everyone on stage freezes except for C who turns to the audience)
C: What should I do? Yes, Whatsername loves him, but he loves Jimmy! Whatsername can have almost any guy she wants, but Jimmy… She doesn’t even believe in love! This could be a great thing for her!
(The stage unfreezes and C turns back to Jos)
C: Yeah I know her, she’s my sister
Jos: Really? You think you can talk to her? Ask her on a date for me or something?
C: Slow down, talk to her first.
Jos: I can’t, I’m afraid I’ll mess up…
C: (pauses) tell you what. I’ll talk to Gloria if you talk to her deal?
Jos: Deal.
(They shake hands)
C: So, I’m not gonna be home tonight till 7, hint hint.
(C elbows Jos and gives him a over the top wink)
Jos: Hmm I’ll keep that in mind.
(Jos exits SL) (Curtains Close)
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