American Idiot. Act 1, Scene 11


(Immediately after scene 10. J is still alone in the apartment for now. C enters and climbs up to the apartment.)
C: Hey Jamie
J: Hey, and I told you not to call me that.
C: Ok
(He hangs up his coat)
C: Anything interesting happen today?
(J moved to the bed)
J: Christy, I’ve got a problem.
C: What’s wrong?
J: You know Jos right?
C: Yea, he’s my friend. What about him?
J: He was here earlier. He said that he loved me…
C: Whoa, really?
(J nods)
C: What do you think? Do you love him?
J: Whatsername loves him.
C: Come here
(J moves from the bed to C who’s sitting on the floor and leans against him)
C: Now I didn’t ask if Whatsername loved him, I asked if you did.
J: I dunno
C: You DO know. I’ll tell you a secret if you’ll tell me.
J: What is it?
C: I love Gloria.
(Stage whispered, J’s shocked)
J: Really?
(C nods)
C: Should I go for it?
(Reluctantly, then determined)
J: Go for it. I think you too would be good for each other.
C: Are you saying that love exists?
J: No. But, hypothetically, if it did, what would it feel like?
C: Like when you’re with them, the world is smiling at you. When they’re gone, you feel incomplete. Like…
J: Like when they walk away you want them to come back?
C: (Smiling) You’re in love!
J: (Giggling) But don’t tell Whatsername! She’s already been through enough…
C: I agree. I feel bad for her sometimes, I mean, she’s been on the run since she was like 10…Must be terrible.
J: But she’s strong, so she’ll be alright.
(C gets up and grabs his coat)
J: Where are you going?
(She stands and he opens the door)
C: To talk to Gloria!
(Walks outside)
C: And Jos!
(C exits and runs offstage.) (Curtain)
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