With A Love Heart Painted On The Wall!

Love is burning like a candle
lighting the room from every angle
Spreading like wildfire
Fueling the hearts

We sit in an abandoned room
With a love heart painted on the wall
As your lipstick becomes blunt
Your lips are still red enough

Cupid has shot his arrow into both of us
Love is raging like a wild animal
Speech is restored as we talk about life
As words spiral and bleach the walls

We gain warmth from body heat
As we congeal together more and more
As the desolated house is frosty from the winter kiss
We are more in love than before

We ran away from the world and found a shack
In the middle of the woods
We recreated clarity and sincerity
As much as we could

Mark McConville
Posted on November 16th, 2010 at 04:05am


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