Dad Issues

Let me start from the beginning....
When I was 7 my parents got a divorce.My mom left to New York to get her life straighten out and then she would come back to us.Well I remember the day she told me she was leaving,I was like in 1st grade and that day in school we were suppose to draw someone who was very important in our lives and who we would never want them to leave,well I choose my mom and later when I came home I was just about to give her that picture,but before I could even do that she got down on her knees and told me that she was getting a divorce with my Father and that she was moving to New York.I burst into tears and dropped the picture and she noticed it and picked it up and saw it then before I knew it she was balling her eyes out with me.She Finally left and I was on the floor doing something with my sister,I don't really remember,but then my dad came home and said,"Where is your mother" me and my sister,Jessica,just looked at each other then I spoke up and said, "she's gone" and the expression on his face at first was Happiness and then he looked at us and started to smile then he started to get sad.I just wanted to scream.Then he met Jackie,my first step mom,and she was very abusive.She hit us almost all day and all my dad did was sit back and watch.My brother and my grandma were mostly taking care of us,but my grandma was old and could not really do anything.Then he finally broke up with her,and I actually thought the worst was over,but I was wrong.A couple months later my dad met my grandmas nurse's daughter and at first she was okay,but then a couple months later she went from nice to pure EVIL.She would starve us and beat us,and this was all in 2 years but this felt like an eternity for me,and then on my 8Th birthday,well that is another story that I don't want to discuss.But then my dad and her got into a fight and she tried to shove a knife down my fathers throat.I took my step brother and my little sister and ran to my grandmas apartment,and just stayed there for a while.Then everything settled down,then after all this happened he actually took her back.Then he finally dumped her and I actually thought he changed but I was so wrong.The only thing that has changed was that he never laid a hand on us.But he still uses just so he can get "some" and get with a girl get her pregnant and just leave and disown them like he is doing with my baby step sister,Rylee.

and after all this I decided not to speak to him ever again,but my sister lives with him and when I talk to her I can hear him in the background saying I love Kayla,I miss you,if I stop regretting rylee will you forgive me. and I don't know what to do about him I love him and everything but I just.I don't know.

Posted on December 3rd, 2010 at 02:52am


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