I love being fat


This is me, in my favorite shirt, looking amazing. Some people wouldn't agree, and that's their issue. My self esteem is based on how I feel about my looks. Not how they feel.

From a young age I was gaining weight, and my family always wanted me to lose weight. So I went along with it, why not? Society says fat is bad, so I need to get skinny! But no. I don't. And when I realized this I started to feel so much better. I'm attracted to larger women and men, that is my idea of beauty. Even when I was trying to lose weight it was. 

At 16 when people in school say "hey, fat ass!" I don't get upset like I used to, now my normal reply is "I wish it was fatter." people think it's wacky, that I'd rather look this way, but I can't help that I want to be this way. 

I make no excuses. I refuse to say "oh I tried to lose weight, I couldn't! So I accepted my fat ass and big belly!" not me, I could lose weight. I have, but I love being 220ish lbs. I love my huge boobs, fat thighs, big ass, big belly, and all my stretch marks. It's what beauty is to me. And I'd never have me any other way.

So when I call myself fat, know I'm saying I'm amazing. I will never use fat as an insult.
Posted on March 17th, 2011 at 12:48am


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