My NYC American Idiot Musical/ Meeting Billie Joe Adventure

I had the most amazing weekend ever. Seriously. I left for NYC on Friday the 15th at 7:05pm. I had a 12 hour bus ride ahead of me, ugh. The first bus was from where I live to Toronto so that took almost 2 hours because it made a couple stops. Then when I got to Toronto I had to go and pick up my tickets for the next bus. There ended up being a problem with my tickets because I bought them online so I was like freaking out, but they ended up like giving me tickets anyway. So yeah I ended up being the last person to get on the bus which sucked because it was packed. The only seat left was beside a women which didn’t bother me, BUT her two young children were right beside us. There was also a crying baby behind us so yeah that was not fun at all. I pretty much figured out that I wouldn’t be getting much sleep. We left Toronto at 9:15pm and from there went to the border. It took forever for everyone to get through like each person was with the border people for like 10 minutes each. When I got called up though I was literally up there for one minute so that was good. So yeah when that was over we all got back on the bus and had another stop in Buffalo. Only one person got off so I couldn’t move to a different seat. I ended up falling asleep, but I was super uncomfortable. Then finally at another stop the lady got off and I got the two seats to myself, that was until more people got on and a man sat beside me. FML. It was a bit better though because I had the window seat. Anyway, we arrived in NYC at around 7:15ish. From there I went to the washroom at the bus terminal and brushed my teeth and put make-up on and stuff. Then I went and got some hotcakes from Mcdonalds. Lawl. After that I went for a long ass walk in Central Park. I went to the theatre at 10:30am and pretty much stood there for a long ass time. It was also freezing which sucked so I went and bought a hoodie to keep me warm. So yeah I stood there for hours waiting for Billie Joe Armstrong to arrive. He is usually there an hour and a half before the show (that day the show was at 2pm), but he didn’t get there until 1:30pm so when he finally came he said sorry to everyone that he couldn’t take pictures because he was so late. He said he would come out after though. So there I left disappointed and cold. I felt like I had wasted my time standing there.

I went into a Starbucks to warm up then went to a less crowded McDonald’s and sat there until 3:00pm. The show ended at 3:30pm so I got their early so I could get a spot at the front on the barricade. Billie ended up coming out at around 4:05pm and was going around signing stuff and taking pictures. He literally got to everyone at the front of the barricades except for me. So there I was crying because I was so upset. I couldn’t believe out of everyone I was missed.

I decided to just stay at the theatre because there was really no where else to go. I sat down on this little step and put my jacket around my legs so they would warm up. One of the security guards (or maybe he was just a guy that worked at the theatre) came down and sat beside me. This guy was probably in his late 50s/early 60s. He asked me if I had just seen the show and I told him no I was going tonight. Then I told him I was waiting for Billie at the barricade and he got to every person except for me. Then being the nice man he is, he gave me a guitar pic that Billie used and another one that a cast member used! I was SO thankful. This man (which I found out was named Tim or T-Mac(haha)) also introduced me to the cast member Mikey and I talked to him for a bit. It was super awesome. T-Mac and I talked for about 2 hours. He told me about Billie and his family. He said they are all really down to earth and just genuine people. That made me so happy to hear. He also said that it means a lot to Billie to come out and sign autographs for the fans because he knows he’d be no where without us. That meant so much to me to hear. We also just talked about life in general and how being positive and just being nice to everyone is really important. I was actually really happy that I met him.

I made friends with another fan while I was there and we talked while waiting for Billie to come back to the theatre. She was waiting under the covered part of the sidewalk and I was waiting on the other side that was not covered. It was pouring rain and I was freezing, but I wanted to be on that side so I could see him coming. We saw his car a bit down the sidewalk and a police officer was talking him inside and I guess when I wasn’t looking he went in the theatre. So yeah I didn’t know so I stood there freezing and waiting. The car drove by and Adie (Billie’s wife) smiled at me. I didn’t see Billie with her so my hopes were going down. The other security guard (Johnny) let me stand under his little cover thing with him which was really nice. The he was told that Billie was already inside. That totally like upset me. I couldn’t believe that of the three chances of being able to thank Billie, I didn’t get any of them.

I went and stood inline to go into the theatre for the show. I got to my seats and there were actually really good even for partial view. I was impressed. I was debating if I should leave the show early to get a front spot at the barricade or if I should just watch the whole show. I decided to leave early so I left the theatre at 9:00pm and went outside. There was a bit of people there, but not enough so I didn’t get the front of the barricade. So I was happy. I ended up talking to this one girl and her Mom. The girl didn’t know who the other members of Green Day were so that annoyed me, but I let it go. The show was supposed to end at 9:30pm, but people didn’t get out until 9:50pm. This worried me because I had to leave by 10:30pm to catch my bus and people said that Billie took an hour to get out the day before. People cleared out by 10:05pm and five minutes later Billie came out. He went to the girl and her Mom first then went to the people on the other side of them. The girl and her Mom were pointing at me and yelling to Billie to come to me and he did. While signing the Green Day shirt that I wore to my first Green Day concert when I got on stage I said to him “You brought me on stage in Hamilton, Ontario and it meant everything to me. Thank you SOO much!” Then he friking put his hand on my left cheek and said “Aw it was no problem” Then I asked him for a picture and we took one and I was like the happiest person in the world. My fucking dream had came true. I just talked to one of my heroes and got to thank him. I couldn’t believe it.

I ran to the bus terminal with the biggest smile on my life. I think that I’m the luckiest person in the world. This has changed my life forever. Being angry and hateful for so long just seems so stupid now. I need to start following my dreams because they can come true. I know that anything is possible now.
Posted on April 18th, 2011 at 08:16pm


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