Being a Vegetarian

Being a Vegetarian is really hard, not because of eating around meat but because of the way you get treated.
People always hate on it, all the time. The momment they find out.
My teacher found out the other day and is always picking on me for it, telling me how I am going to be the weakest player on my soccer team because I don't eat meat. And I get that from my uncle as well. Who, by the way, told me that he finnaly decied to "forgive" me for not eating meat.

Also, people always think that I am trying to puch my lifestyle on them, just because I don't eat meat and am against it in all ways. AND most of all because I am a member of PETA, which also means that I am in a cult.

But I don't, I don't do anything until anyone goes at me for not eating meat. But, for them to come at me is okay. For me to reply back to them just makes me puchy and judgemental of them because they do what's naaattuurall.
For me, this is. This is normal, it's who I am.

I am just fine with people around me eating meat. My whole family does, I am the only one who doesn't.
And when my little sister said that she wanted to try it, my mother got mad at ME, because I was "pushing my sister into it, trying to make her something she isn't"
And she always complains about how hard it is to feed me, and how much more it cost. It doesn't, she doesn't but any of my meat alt. and when she make's say, Spaghetti, all she has to do is leave some of the noodles off to the side and I make up my own sauce for them.

I'm just sick of all the B.S. I have to deal with for eating meat. And I don't go around bragging about it and putting people down for not eating meat.
So why do it to someone who doesn't????
I mean really. I'm sick of people shoving hamburgers in my face and stuff.

Oh, and the best is the people who tell me that GOD made animals to eat and that's FACT.
Uhm, I don't care what the topic is, you can't use the bible and God as FACTS.
You can't, JUST CAN'T.
But even better when I say that you can't use God as fact, I get told I will burn in hell and that I better like BBQ, because that's all I will get to eat there.

Meh, just a rant, because I am sick of this, and I am sick of people always trying to say I am trying to force them into it. The only time I get all involved with it, is when I am being confronted directly, or when it's THE topic.
I don't try to force anything on anyone, because I wouldn't want you to force meat on me.
I go out to eat with family/friends all the time, and I never care what my friends/family get to eat. Heck, my grandpa gets a 1pound steak at Dakotas when we go, I don't care, and I don't break out the "Blahblah, that's a animal, how could you, BE VEG" No, I don't. I just get my nonmeat meal and let him eat what he wants as he lets me have what I want.
I have repect for your decision, have a little for mine would you?
That's all.
Posted on April 19th, 2011 at 06:05pm


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