Not So Much a Regular High School...

I am a freshman in high schooll, soon to be sophmore. So far my high school experience has been great. There have been a few times were i'd like to forget about the world and give up on things when they got hard, but so far so good. My parents are the type to watch my every move and make sure im on top of ALL my schoolwork and grades. Recently I received a letter in the mail inviting me to a high school called Middle College High. It seems amazing compared to my infamous school now. Of course, my parents didn't think much about what I wanted..but where they wanted me to be.

My parents and I have had various converstaions about my my future and how this new school coul;d change my future for the better. Because it is a middle college, that means I would be able to get two years of college done for free as well as still getting my regular high school classes done with extra help due to the small amount of students attending. All of this has made me anxious just to end the year so I can start a better one at my new school. Although this sounds great, iv'e been hearing more and more each day about how high school is suppose to be the four best years of your life! Experiencing hiogh school is a once in a liftime thing. And even though there may be hard times with challenges its a good thing to go through. Most people find their best friends here and go through the most crazy times! And in the end everybody is speechless and is ready for whatever life maty bring next.

Im just not so sure what I want. You would think attending Middle College would be the better idea...but what if I wanted to experience my normal high school years also? Are there certain things I would miss out on that I only get one chance at? Have any suggestions on what I should be thinking about?
Posted on May 6th, 2011 at 01:44pm


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