Mindy. You remember that one girl?

Hey, GSB. It's me again. That one girl you think you recognize. Mindy. Better known as Yami, Hitchin A Riot, hell, even onethousandsmoothed if you're old as dirt. I've been here since 2007. My seventh grade year. I'm a senior in high school now. I'm about to go to college at University of Missouri, then go on to law school. I'll be getting engaged in two years to the love of my life..
And I've come to realize this chapter of my life is closed. The chapter where I cried getting to know myself, where I met people who set me on the course for where I am now, where I was on GSB every day and obsessively refreshed every other minute. My account here is the last tether I have to this time in my life.

GSB has seen me through milestones in my life. While on this website, I made my first online friends. I witnessed fakes and true friends, liars and honest, open people. I met Amanda, Kelly, Kaycie, Kate, Kim, Mariah; people who really helped me when I needed them.
I leave GSB with fond memories of you six, and of course the people I talked to but never got to be close to. GSB favourites.
I came to GSB a trembling, sexually naiive, know it all 13 year old, obsessed with a band called 'Green Day' and trying to wade through the world to find herself.
I leave it much more wise to the world, halfway to being 18, and comfortable in who I am.

And who am I? My name is Amanda. I'm a lesbian. I'm a senior in high school and a gay rights activist. I volunteer in the summer and I play acoustic guitar. I'm not a virgin. I'm a role player of YuGiOh and upcoming on Harry Potter. I like Muse and Placebo, Mumford and Sons and The Civil Wars. I am a ginger. I care too much and don't think of myself as much as I should. I am overweight and self-conscious about that, but it's okay, because someone loves me anyway. I am confident in my personality, but shy when I meet peers. I am Mindy.

I wouldn't feel right leaving though, without telling you all a bit about the love of my life. Her name is Rachael. I'm sure I've bitched about her not liking me back enough the past few months, but, funny thing, she did like me. She realized she loved me while listening to Home by Edward Sharp and ect, and while the song climaxed to the lyrics of 'Home, yes I am home.. Home is where ever I'm with you..', she looked down to see a text from me and she knew. She broke up with her boyfriend for me, and I broke up my friends with benefits-like relationship with my best friend so I could be with her. We soon realized how bad we had it for each other within a month, and our friendship the last few months made sense. We flirted and hated being away from each other, we got jealous (but never said anything) when the other went out with someone else. Within a month, we realized we were falling for each other the past year. Three months into our official dating period, my family was travelling to Orlando. She lives two hours from there. A friendship/relationship a year and a half in the making, we couldn't get that close and not see each other. So, she sacrificed a car for the money to make the trip, and I sacrificed two vacation days to spend them with her. We spent one day at my condo, one glorious day. Hours were spent just holding each other, then giggling in the pool, watching Harry Potter, listening to Protomen. Finally my family left and we were alone. We gave each other the most precious thing we could, and we were both left with our heads swimming, our hearts pounding, our minds soaring. Our last hour that day was spent heads together, eyes staring into each other's, fingers locked.. That night was the longest of my life. Alone, I waited until the next day where I was to meet her at Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. We spent another 8 hours together there. There's a photo on my profile of us together. Our parting was the worst hurt I've ever felt in my life. I couldn't help the tears that spilled down my cheeks as we blew each other one last kiss and my father pulled me away from her. That was June 9th and 10th, 2011. Now four months in, we know we can never be with anyone else. Our time together was too beautiful to be frivolous, time with others has told us how real our affections are. We made out several places at the theme park, and instead of being yelled at like some lusty teenagers are, we saw glimpses of awed looks as we parted, and it's clear to everyone who saw us together how absolutely in love we are. The pain of separation for another year was too much for either of us to imagine what a real break up would be. We would be destroyed. She, though a year younger than me, is taking a double load of classes next year to graduate with me, and we will be going to college together at University of Missouri. It's soon, but after a near death experience I had two weeks ago, I knew if anything were to happen to me, I couldn't die without her knowing my intentions. I told her one day I will ask her to marry me. Years in the future, but should anything happen, she will know. I'm hopelessly in love with this girl, and I didn't think it right to leave GSB without telling you all about her.

That's it, I think.
This is the end.
Today I almost forgot my username, so this is where I bid you all adieu.
I've told you all multiple times how to reach me if you really do want to talk to me at all, but I highly doubt you do. My username on Devient Art is YtheM, for now, and I think this is sufficient to contact me.

It's been real, GSB. It's been fun. (But was it all real fun?)

Take care.
-Mindy, the GSB Lurker of 2007-2011.
Posted on July 26th, 2011 at 03:23pm


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