Remembering Gerry Rafferty (one year later)

When a favorite celebrity dies, fans of that star feel sad, and confused. They wonder if they should move on. The answer is you have to.
Last year that happened to me, when my favorite singer died after suffering a long illness. His name was Gerry Rafferty.
I discovered him in the 10th grade. His biggest hit "Baker Street" helped me through a period of time where I thought suicide was my only option. The song's calming lyrics are really important to me. After Gerry saved me, I became a huge fan.
On January 4, 2011 he sadly passed away after suffering from liver disease. I didn't know until 21 days later. I was on my way to school, and "Baker Street" was on the radio. Then the DJ said, "That was the late Gerry Rafferty." When I heard that, I was really shocked. After school that day, I was crying. It was devastating.
Even though Gerry is now gone, I will still love him. He made me a better person, and saved my life. I love Gerry and miss him every day. If it weren't for Gerry, I wouldn't be here right now. I'm glad he helped me.
To Gerry: I love you and miss you. I still listen to your song. I know one day we will be together again. Thanks for helping me. RIP Sad
This blog is dedicated in memory of Gerry Rafferty (1947-2011)
Thank you.
Posted on January 3rd, 2012 at 05:31pm


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