A day in my life

Here's a schedule of what an average day in my life is like
6:00 get up
6:10 get dressed
6:15 have breakfast
6:30 go to school
7:15 first period Calculus
8:10 second period Sociology
8:58 third period accounting
9:44 fourth period Italian
10:30 fifth period band
11:15 sixth period lunch
12:00 seventh period English
12:48 eighth period anatomy
1:34 ninth period gym
2:16 get on the bus to go home
2:45 bring in the mail and call my mom
2:50 start on my homework
4:00 go online (GSB, facebook, last.fm, and more)
5:15 continue my work
6:00 dinner
7:30 finish my work
8:00 back online
8:45 get ready for bath or shower
9:15 bed
So that is what my day is like. Some days the schedule's different, but mostly it's the same. This schedule is for school days. On weekends I mostly work, shop, have tutoring, and online time. If you have any questions about my day, you can always comment me.
Thanks for reading.
Posted on March 29th, 2012 at 05:57pm


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