Re-discovering old music.

I was extremely bored today, and I was listening to Green Day on Youtube, and one of the suggestions was Panic!At the Disco, I write Sins not Tragedies. When I was younger, I used to literally be obsessed with this song, and since I hadn't heard it in years, I decided to listen to it.

I forgot how awesome the video is, and made me smile when the circus invade the wedding Smile So I listened to a few more of their songs, and one called 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa', which really caught my attention since I recognised it somehow. Then I realised that I know it from my sister, who introduced me to the rock genre when I was of young age.

For some reason, listening to all of my favourite old songs made me feel really good, like I was meeting an old friend for the second time.

And again, in the suggestions, was another band which I also used to be obsessed with; Fall Out Boy. I listened to Dance, Dance, then Sugar, We're Goin Down, and then Thnks fr th Mmrs. As I expected, all were awesome, and so I had found another old band to fall in love with again!

However, I also heard 'The take over, The Breaks Over', in which the video states that some fans call them Sell Outs, lame, and that they have changed. I looked on the comments, not only on this video but on the others too, and they said that they all wanted FOB back. At that point, I was a little confused since I thought that they were still together, so I did some researching.

It turns out that they broke up in 2009, since they all needed more excitement and were getting a little tired. Pete Wentz, the bassist of the band and the frontman, stated that he couldn't see him ever playing with FOB again. Also, that the band has simply drifted apart. He is now playing in some 'Jamaican roots' band called Black Cards, which in my opinion, is not really very good at all. It's not that the female singer is not good, which she is, it's just that it is a huge change from FOB and it's not really my kind of music.

Patrick Stump, the lead singer of FOB, is now doing a solo project. He had completely changed his look; from being slightly chubby, sideburns, hats and non-tight clothing back in FOB to a slimmer, more revealing, shorter hair (and has bleached it too) and suits now. To be honest, not that he doesn't look good now, but I much prefer him in Fall Out Boy. And his musical style has changed to. He used to play punk-rock, but now his songs are more pop, R&B style. But I am still really proud of him. He could have hired people to play the instruments for him, yet he plays every single instrument himself, sings every song, and makes and produces the albums/singles. A one-man band!

So even though I was a little upset that they broke up, at least I still have Green Day Smile
Posted on July 12th, 2012 at 01:03pm


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