My top ten songs of all time

If you probably don't know, I'm a huge fan of music. I like rock, emo, alternative, jazz, metal, indie, punk, country and so much more. Today I will share my top ten favorite songs of all time.
10 every breath you take- the police
Ever need a moment where you are obsessed with a lot of things. That's what this song is about. This song is breathtaking. Once I heard it, I had to hear it again. That's how good it is.
9 I miss you- Blink 182
Break ups are not easy. When someone breaks up with you, tons of questions remain unanswered. Luckily this song is about wanting someone back. Also I like how Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus alternate on vocals
8 Somebody that I used to know- Gotye
Some people just want to forget someone they break up with. I agree. It's hard to forget, but we have to forget sometimes. What I like about this song is that we hear both perspectives of the relationship.
7 Ticket to ride- The Beatles
I'm a huge Beatles fan. This song is my all time favorite from the band. It's a fun song to hear when you want to get a Beatles fix.
6 Good Riddance- Green Day
This is my favorite song from Green Day, even though it's just Billie Joe. Still I love this song. It's a perfect song to hear when you just need to calm down.
5 Sentimental- Kenny G
The only instrumental on this list. Even though I don't like most jazz musicians, I love Kenny G's music. It's a really soft song. I'm really hoping one day this song will be the first dance at my wedding.
4 The red- Chevelle
No one knows this, but I have several anger issues. I really can relate to the song and its video because it shows several people with similar issues to mine.
3 Brick by boring brick- Paramore
Okay, so we can't hold on to the past for too long. There was a time I was so into fairy tales. I'm no longer under the impression. Still this is a very catchy song. I also love Hayley Williams and how she performs this song.
2 Bring me to life- Evanescence
Saving yourself is hard. I have several times where I can't save myself and need help. This song I can relate to, because there's time where you need help.
1 Baker Street- Gerry Rafferty
Number 1 has to be my all time favorite jam! I love this song. It helped me through a time where I thought suicide was my only option. I really love the saxophone and guitar solos throughout the entire song. It's one of those songs that can really make you happy.
So there you have it. There are other songs I really like that I couldn't post to this blog.
Thanks for reading.
Posted on March 8th, 2013 at 05:43pm


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