What's the Point?

This is something a few people have brought up, and I can't help but agree. What's with people joining GSB if they don't like Green Day?! I mean, I know GSB has a message board, blogs, and the blahs... but the fact of the matter is- so do alot of other sites! If you don't like Green Day, don't join THIS site!

I completely understand the people who joined a while ago and maybe don't like Green Day much anymore- that's fine. The important part is that when they joined, it was because they liked Green Day. They aren't the people that bother me at all.

The ones that absolutely infuriate me are the people who join up just for the blahs or the message board, and don't like Green Day at all... maybe never did. They're just joining to chat with people. There's a ton of other sites that are specifically for that!!! Or maybe they like MCR and not Green Day? Again: GREEN DAY site!!! Even if there are alot of MCR fans, this site isn't an MCR fan site. Or maybe they like another band besides Green Day altogether. GO FIND A SITE FOR THEM!

Maybe it sounds like I'm trying to be a site dictator, that isn't the case. But this just drives me absolutely insane. I'm a huge Green Day fan and proud of it. GSB is meant to be a site for Green Day fans, and hey... I'd like to be able to talk with other fans. Not people who don't like the band.

And before people go all "Well there's not much going on with Green Day to talk about lately..." I ALREADY know that. But that doesn't change the fact that there are alot of people who won't talk about it even when it does happen because of the sheer fact that they don't like the band anyway. They may even insult it. I know there's quite a few complete Green Day haters on the site.

I've seen this mentioned by a few other Green Day fans on this site that are completely sick to death of it. I must say, I am as well.

I think the Green Day fans need to take back the site.
Posted on March 29th, 2007 at 06:16pm


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