I read the little rules for this thing so I figured out that if the entries cannot be random and have to be infromative. I will tell you about my ideas and belifes. I believe they are infromative.

I figured out some things this year and summer. Life is honestly how you cope and deal with things. So yes the saying life is what you make of it is true. I realized that boys are not truthful and will most likely let you down if you put yourself out there. You will never live if you don't so which is worse putting yourself out there or hiding from the world afraid to get hurt. There is something to mull over.

The second thing I learned is this learn to give people that you honestly care about and want in your life a second chance. You brain not your heart will tell you the answer. Your heart puts too much emotion into the aspect. Pull yourself out of your life and look at what you make the sad person happy.
Posted on April 5th, 2007 at 10:01pm


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