sperm bank...and my friend

ok, well i have this friend named tony. his story goes like this. he dosent know his father, him mom went to a sperm bank. hes bi and hes like the coolest person youll ever meet, untill his a.d.d kicks in that is. i swear to god mike dirnt can be his father. he looks just like mike. everything about him is mike. his eyes, his looks, and sometimes is personality. its really weird. does anyone know if like mike donated sperm and it some how ended up in conneticut [i didnt spell that right]? every time i look at a picture of mike when he was younger im like "holly shit, tony looks just like him." it really weird. tony like is in love with the bass. he loves the sound and he always humms the tune to longview. and yeah. its really amazing how much he looks like mike.
Posted on April 5th, 2007 at 10:52pm


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