Armin Meiwes (cannibalism)

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June 20th, 2006 at 02:53pm
So If I give a guy consent that in ten years I'll screw him, that would count ten years from now? No, it wouldnt, people's ideas change. A person could change their mind the second before they die, and no one would know. A corpse can't give consent, unless you're getting consent right then and there, it doesnt count.

Well, you can make a will and you can change it right up until the day you die.
Or if "I want someone to eat my corpse" are your dying words and there are witnesses to make it legally binding.

But yes, consent is tricky business.
Also, apologies for the vegetable thing, that shouldn't have gone anywhere. I was trying to get a bit more involvement from Billie Joe's Sweetie. >.<