A New Idea

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June 27th, 2008 at 12:15pm
Lately I've been trying to find some people who write fanfics, but there's hardly any so I've decided to keep on writing them. Not very well, but it's possibly better than nothing.

So I've got this idea but I'd like to know if this is a bad plot or a good plot.
I know some stories are copied off other authors stories and I'm tyring to devise something new and fresh.

My idea is that one of the GD members starts to have health problems which makes him leave the band for a while, but he has to leave it pernamently when his personal life is completely thrown into chaos.

Anotother one of the GD members's daughters, possibly Mike or Tre being the father. The daughter gets engaged to some guy who makes her happy.

Some other minor twists and plots.

I'd like to know what everyone thinks and if anyone has any ideas or any ways to improve Pm me.


I'd like to know what you guys ( The readers) want to read in such a story.