1,000 Hours - Vinyls

1,000 Hours

Release date: December, 1988
Producer: Green Day
Record company: Lookout! Records

Song list

  1. 1000 Hours
  2. Dry Ice
  3. Only of You
  4. The One I Want


The original 1st edition pressings of 1000 Hours have the Lookout Records, Laytonville address on the back and these were hand written. The later pressings had Lookout Record, Berkley CA on the back. There are some with a pink sleeve when Lookout ran out of green paper, there are very few of them though.


The vinyl itself came out on a range of colours


The 1st pressing was on Green wax limited to 600 pressings

Purple wax limited to 200 pressings

Red wax limited to 200 pressings

Yellow wax limited to 100 pressings

Clear wax limited to 100 pressings

Blue wax but there is no confirmed number of pressings

There also many on black wax


The yellow and clear wax, are yet to discovered yet Larry Livermore insists there were some made.

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