Church on Sunday song meaning

"Church on Sunday deals with compromises in the relationship I have with my wife. You have to compromise in every relationship. If you want it to work out you've always got to look ahead, have a future in front of your eyes and work on your relationships, no matter if they're with your partner or with friends. There will always be problems, but you've got to find solutions, or at least try to find solutions. I really hope there is a solution for every problem. " - Armstrong.

There is nothing complicated or confusing about this song - it's a calm and quiet expression of one's feelings, charming in its simplicity. The song describes a point in a long-term relationship, when you decide to stop faking and finally face your problems - after this you can't pretend anymore. A kind of a point of no return ("first day of the rest of our lives"). Realizing his mistakes, the narrator offers his other half a compromise - "if you live with me, I'll die for you". And that might sound banal and exaggerated, but even the most trivial cliché can become honest and meaningful when it's coming from your heart. He admits that all the words about trust don't mean anything, but what matters is how much tolerance and faith in each other you have ("It's a song about when you're in a long term relationship with somebody, you have to keep reinventing it, and it takes a lot of compromise." - Armstrong). Compromising and helping each other out through the hard times is what keeps a relationship running; and this song just might be one of the best marriage-saving serenades ever written.

Church on Sunday lyrics

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