Extraordinary Girl song meaning

This song describes the difficulties that a romantic relationship is going through after the infatuation subsides and partners face the day-to-day routine of each other's lives. They realize that love is not just enjoying the good sides of each other, but also compromising and accepting everything in your loved one. Alas, that doesn't always work out they way it should.

Coming after the wildness of falling in love in She's a Rebel, Extraordinary Girl is a calm and sad story of the next stage of the relationship between Jimmy and Whatsername - dating. This song gives a deeper introduction of Whatsername's character and why the relationship between her and Jesus/Jimmy is doomed to fall apart. She is a true rebel - she doesn't rebel just for the sake of being cool or to attract attention. This is her true nature and she's not faking anything. Whereas Jesus is only pretending to be a rebel, and the war inside of him, the insecurities caused by living someone else's life eventually lead to his inability to satisfy Whatsername's needs in their relationship. He realizes that he's failing, but no matter how he tries - he is not Jimmy. This whole relationship is based on lies and it crumbles leaving Jesus all alone again.

Other Theories

Another theory about this song says that "she" in this song is not only Whatsername, but also America. Her lonely tears symbolize the political isolation that the US had to endure because of the war that the president started. In this case the line "She sees a mirror of herself, an image she wants to sell to anyone willing to buy" could be interpreted as a reference to the fact that the American culture is spread all around the world.

Then there is a theory that the song represents the world's attitude to women and how they are supposed to be perfect and match the standards of beauty ("She sees a mirror of herself, an image she wants to sell to anyone willing to buy") - some women would do anything to look like a cover girl, overlooking their inner beauty - the one thing that truly makes them extraordinary.

Extraordinary Girl lyrics

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