Governator song meaning

Another political outtake from American Idiot - this song is about the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor + Terminator = Governator). The former Mister Universe and an actor known mostly for playing the roles of brainless killing machines suddenly decided to run for governor of California from the Republican Party. Moreover, he won.

Being California residents, Green Day are obviously not too pleased with how things turned out - "he's on your side, gonna throw you aside", they don't believe in his good intentions. Unfortunately, a lot of people voted for the "terminator" because of his popularity as an actor and not because they truly agree with his political agenda. It all seems like a huge TV show, but the difference is that this one has real people as involuntary participants - "it makes great television watching the world end". Schwarzenegger doesn't need a slogan or good political promises - all he needs to do is say "I'll be back".

Governator lyrics

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