In the End song meaning

This song is about people who only care about their image and convenience. They don't need a relationship based on real feelings - all they need is "someone to look good with". They are hypocritical and only use people for as long as they need them ("How long will he last before he's a creep in the past...").

One might think in this song the narrator is talking to his ex-girlfriend who's left him for someone who was more useful for her at the moment. However, the author stated that the song is about his mother: "That song is about my mother's husband, it's not really about a girl, or like anyone directly related to me in a relationship. In the End's about my mother." In this case, the chorus of the song probably means that he's so disgusted with his mother's hypocrisy that even if she ever wants to reconnect with him, he doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. Doesn't want her to "pop up again" and be his "special friend" because even if she does, it will all be just an act.

In the End lyrics

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