Shoplifter song meaning

This song is about taking responsibility for your actions and dealing with the circumstances. You can steal until you get caught - but when you do get caught, be ready to pay for your crimes.

Shoplifter is an American Idiot outtake, so it's most likely connected to the story line of the album, especially considering that the name of the leading character (Jimmy) appears in the lyrics. When Jesus of Suburbia started his life in the City, he might have practiced shoplifting. Besides, in East 12th Street there is a line "Jesus' filling out paperwork now at the facility on East 12th street", which might be referring to him doing community service for some type of crime that he committed. The line in Shoplifter "now that you serve the community" could be said about the same thing. So it's possible that Jimmy was shoplifting and got caught.

Shoplifter lyrics

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