Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, Australia, December 13th, 2005

After waiting in hours of traffic, I finally arrived at the cricket ground. Not long after My Chemical Romance came out, opening with I'm Not Okay (I Promise). They then proceded to play Cemetery Drive, Ghost of you, You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, and closed with Helena. They played a relly good show for only half an hour.

About fifteen minutes later Jimmy Eat World came out, although I missed most of their performance as I was standing in one of the many packed lines to buy merch. Although from what I did see of them they also played a good show.

At about 8:30 PM the pink bunny ran out on stage dancing to the YMCA. This got the crowd pumped and ready for Green Day.

Minutes later Billie Joe, Tre and Mike ran onto stage. They opened with American Idiot, then went on to play, Jesus Of Suburbia, Holiday, Are We The Waiting, St. Jimmy, Give Me Novacaine, Longview, Basket Case, Hitchin' A Ride, She, King For A Day, and Shout.

They pulled up 3 people put of the mosh to play Knowledge and they all played really well. Green Day went off stage for a quick break and then returned to play a cover of We Are The Champions, and a Ramones song I think. As well as Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.

They had yet another quick break and Billie Joe came out in a red frilly top. They played Homecoming, and then Tre and Mike went off stage and Billie played Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).

The concert was awesome and was most definitely worth sitting in three hours of traffic for.

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