Edmonton, ALB - Rexall Place, May 18th, 2005

The Green Day concert in Edmonton was like any other gig they have done this tour.. But it still had a funky fresh vibe to it!! My Chemical Romance probably only played for like 30 minutes but they were still awesome!!!

There was a half and hour break or something like that.. And then the pink bunny came out and chugged beers as usual and finally the room went dark. People were jumping ouy of their dirty seats. The 3 banners fell revealing the hand grenade. And American Idiot blessed my eardrums.

I can't exactly remember all the songs they played because I wasn't going to freaking write then down. As I was rocking on...Bbut these are the ones I can think of:

1. American Idiot
2. Jesus of Suburbia
3. Holiday
4. Are We the Waiting
5. St. Jimmy
6. Longview
7. Hitchin' A Ride
8. Brain Stew
9. Jaded
10. She
11. Basket Case
12. King for a Day
13. Shout
14. Knowledge
15. Wake Me Up When September Ends
16. Minority


17. Maria
18. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
19. We Are the Champions
20. Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)

*HighLights of the concert*

-Billie Joe pretending to masturbate
-Billie Joe mooning my side of the stage during King For A Day
-Seeing Mike's new hair color in person
-Listening to the 3 kids that came on stage play Knowledge.. Even though the guitarist only had to play 3 cords. I'm surprised he actually did it!!!
-Watching the bass kid dive off stage
-Billie Joe bringing up a small kid to squirt people with water guns and after Billie Joe was like dancing with him making his arms sway back and forth it was very interesting...
-Billie Joe introducing Tre
-Tre throwing his drum sticks behind he.. He just did it randomly. Maybe about like 16, 17 times, I don't know

Yeah, that's all I can remember. The whole entire concert started at 7:00 and ended at around 10:30. So Green Day must have played for about 2 hours and 30 mintues..

After Minority they kinda just left the stage. But then the words Green Day came on the screen and people were yelling it. So they came back and opened with Maria..

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